Our mission

Early 2023 the EU‘s Copernicus Climate Change Service highlighted the escalating global temperature trend. Consequently, there is an imperative need to decarbonize sectors, especially transportation, which significantly contributes to CO2 emissions. Electric vehicles offer a path towards decarbonization, but the transition is challenged by range anxieties and infrastructural requirements.

A potential solution to bridge this transition is bioethanol, which offers rapid decarbonization due to that most gasoline cars on the road today can drive of 100 % bioethanol (E100) after a relatively cheap modification. E100 has also already seen success in Brazil, where its use dominates the market.

However, the bioethanol production currently competes with agricultural land which is a blocker for increasing the production. The innovative solution lies in producing bioethanol using cyanobacteria. These require minimal land, positioning them as a viable alternative to traditional bioethanol sources. The EU-funded project DEMA already worked on creating a process to produce bioethanol from cyanobacteria cost competitively to both the traditionally produced bioethanol and gasoline. However, DEMA failed short reached this goal.

AXF Energy has further developed and refined the process of producing bioethanol through cyanobacteria, resulting into additional massive cost reductions. We are now planning to set up an evaluation plant in Spain to cultivate cyanobacteria for bioethanol production using this refined process. The aim is to finally produce bioethanol at market prices without encroaching on agricultural land and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by a minimum of 95% relative to gasoline.

The success of this approach could enable a global transition to E100 fuel in the transportation sector, including in cars and heavy transportation, akin to Brazil's success, rapidly decarbonizing transportation even before electric vehicles become the norm.


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